Early Childhood

Empowered teachers lead to empowered learners.
The education of a child takes a village, a community.


Great teachers working together create amazing learning environments for tamariki in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Empowered Teachers, Empowering Learners

Centres are a community of teachers and learners alike, working towards one common goal.
BSI Teacher Skills will give your team the tools to empower your staff to get the best results for your children and whānau.

Our teacher programmes focus on building a collaborative team with united goals.
This is done by developing communication skills, leadership skills - for individuals and/or acrosss the team, and developing a powerful centre philosophy that has all teachers seeking the same results.

Having a strong team means you can leverage each other's strengths, all the while having constructive conflict through powerful conflict management strategies.
This enables teachers to build stronger relationships with tamariki and their respective whānau, creating a tight-knit centre community.

Contact us today for a consultation and allow us to develop a plan to get your centre community as strong as can be.

BSI Teacher Skills - Building collaborative leaderful teams with common goals:

  • Building strong teams that work effectively together, using each other’s strengths
  • Developing strategies to manage and resolve conflict effectively together
  • Developing a powerful centre philosophy that has everyone on the same page
  • Developing strong capable leaders
  • Enabling stronger relationships with tamariki and whānau
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