Nobody told me teaching would be so stressful!!!

People go into teaching for many different reasons:

  • Love working with a particular age group;
  • Wanting to inspire a love of learning;
  • Love of sharing knowledge or supporting children’s development;
  • And for many, it’s to make a difference.

And then it got real!

So many different people to interact with!

Children not listening; challenging colleagues; different parents’ expectations/aspirations; and so much paperwork!

What’s the answer?

Is there a magic wand? No, but there are many strategies and tools to help you be the amazing teacher you want to be.

The Incredible Years programmes are used worldwide in schools and early childhood centres to promote children’s social, emotional and academic competence. They are evidenced based, with proven results. We work with early childhood teachers delivering the Incredible Years Teacher and Autism Teacher programmes. While the focus is on the children, these programmes empower the teachers, building resilience and confidence in all.

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Building and Strengthening Individuals and Teams in the Early Childhood sector, building leaderful teams that use each other’s strengths, creating a strong community with the best outcomes for all – tamariki, whanau and each other.

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Building and Strengthening Individuals and Teams in the Primary and Secondary sectors.

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