Creating a positive learning environment in schools


Wanting a unified learning environment where every teacher and student are on the same page?

BSI Teacher Skills will empower your teachers with the skills they need to build stronger, more effective relationships, essential as part of creating amazing learning environments for your tamariki/akonga, creating empowered learners.

We deliver highly personalised, results-driven programmes that empower your teachers with the knowledge they need to build stronger relationships, develop leadership - their own and with others, build teams, and empower your learners.

Great teachers working together create amazing learning environments for tamariki/akonga in Aotearoa New Zealand


Empowered Teachers, Empowering Learners

Primary schools

BSI Teacher Skills courses are aimed at giving you and your team the tools needed to build a supportive teaching team that works better with each other, using each other's strengths to get the best results.  We also empower your teachers to engage more effectively with parents to form stronger partnerships, increasing confidence and enabling better teaching and empowered learners.

BSI Teacher Skills - developing leadership and teams across your school, so you can get the best results for your students.  Through building communication skills and developing your teams, we also empower teachers to engage more effectively with parents to form stronger partnerships, increasing confidence and enabling better teaching.

Secondary schools

BSI Teacher Skills programmes aimed at secondary teacher professional development is focused on developing communication skills, building teams, and developing leadership skills across the school.  BSI Teacher Skills will also build highly functioning teams across departments and senior leadership levels by breaking down the barriers, develop communication and leadership skills with the aim of enabling more collaboration and stronger support.

But it isn't all teacher focused.  By developing greater understanding of other people, and how to leverage each other's strengths, it enables stronger relationships to be built across the school. This helps teachers understand more about different students and styles of behaviour, enabling every teacher to engage more effectively with the different students, enabling better teaching and learning across the school.


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